Wavlink AC750 vs AC1200 Review

There’s an easy way to get rid of dead zones where the Wi-Fi signal doesn’t reach. Install one of these two wireless repeaters from Wavlink and the problem is solved. And while they won’t boost your data transfer speed, they will spread out the signal, so you have a faster connection in places where pages once spent eternity loading.


Wavlink AC750 5GHz 2.4GHz Dual Band Wireless Repeater Wi-Fi Extender Router

In repeater mode, the Wavlink AC750 is a Wi-Fi extender that expands the reach of your wireless router. That way you can watch videos and play games in the farthest reaches of your home.

And in AP mode, the AC750 takes a wired connection and turns itself into a Wi-Fi hotspot. Think how convenient that would be in a hotel room that only offers Ethernet access to the internet.

The top speed of the AC750 is 733Mbps, but it transmits simultaneously on both the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands. And it supports a, ac, b, g, and n standards, plus WEP, WPA, and WPA2 encryption, so it’s compatible with older and newer mobile devices.

Specifically, the top speed on the 2.4GHz band is 300Mbps. Then the maximum of the 5GHz band is 433Mbps. Those two numbers give the total of 733Mbps and are the reason behind the model number AC740. For faster throughput, take a look at the AC1200 below.

The AC750 is simple to use and convenient. For example, when you need to link a new printer or wireless device, you don’t need to remember the password if you use the WPS button. And it has a compact shape that plugs into a wall socket, so you don’t need to deal with wires and cables.

But should you wish to use the AC750 as a bridge, it has two Ethernet ports to connect to wired devices like game consoles or PCs. And the maximum wireless range of the Wavlink AC750 is 100 meters indoors and 300 meters outdoors.

More features of the Wavlink AC750 wireless extender:

  • Comes with Ethernet cable and instructions
  • Runs on US or European voltage
  • Wired transmission rate 10/100Mbps

Wavlink AC1200 WIFI Repeater/Router/Access point Wireless Wi-Fi Range Extender

The Wavlink AC1200 offers faster performance than the AC750 repeater. For example, while its top speed on the 2.4GHz band is 300Mbps, the maximum for the 5GHz band is 867Mbps. But keep in mind that the throughput you see is affected by the encryption you use and the processing speed of your device, too.

Like the AC750, the AC1200 supports two wired devices and can serve as a wireless bridge or access point. It’s also either a router or a Wi-Fi extender. All these functions are straightforward to select with the slider switch on the side.

Another benefit to both Wavlink repeaters is the inclusion of LED lights that indicate signal strength. This feature allows you place the device where it can relay a strong signal into areas with weak or no reception. And its four movable antennas help you aim the transmission, too. But the maximum distance that the signal reaches is the same as with the AC750: 100 meters inside and 300 meters outside.

Of course, you can use the WPS button to link other routers, mobile devices, and printers without needing type in a password. And you can also use the Wavlink app to set up the wireless extender with an Android or iOS device.

Finally, the Wavlink AC1200 is compatible with almost any mobile device standard and protocol, from 802.11a, ac, b, g, and n, to WEP, WPA, and WPA2 encryption.

More features of the Wavlink AC1200 wireless extender:

  • Comes with Ethernet cable and instructions
  • Runs on US or European voltage
  • Wired transmission rate 10/100Mbps


Choosing between the Wavlink AC750 and the AC1200 is easy when you consider one basic fact—transmission speed. If you have newer devices that can make use of the faster AC1200, it’s worth the investment. The AC1200 transmits up to 867Mbps on the 5GHz band. That’s necessary for gaming and streaming HD video without buffering.

Meanwhile, if you don’t need the higher speed, the AC750 will still help you get Wi-Fi coverage in all those dead spots around the home and office.

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